Proceedings of ISP RAS

Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming. Volume 31, issue 5, 2019, ISSN 2220-6426 (Online), ISSN 2079-8156 (Print).

Edited by Corresponding Member of RAS A.I. Avetisyan

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Table of Contents

Koltunov D.S., Efimov V.Y., Padaryan V.A. Automated testing of a TCG frontend for Qemu pp. 7-24

Fursova N.I., Dovgalyuk P.M. Introspection of QEMU emulator peripherals configuration pp. 25-36

Kostyukov Yu.O., Batoev K.A., Mordvinov D.A., Kostitsyn M.P., Misonizhnik A.V. Automatic verification of heap-manipulating programs pp. 37-62

Namakonov E. S., Podkopaev A. V. Compilation of OCaml memory model into Power pp. 63-78

Sargsyan S.S., Hakobyan J.A., Movsisyan H.M., Mehrabyan M.S., Sirunyan V.T., Kurmangaleev Sh.F. Improving fuzzing performance by applying interval mutations pp. 79-88

Nedoria A.E. Language Design: OOP or not OOP or better OOP pp. 89-94

Lavrischeva E.M., Zelenov S.V., Pakulin N.V. Methods for assessing the reliability of software and hardware systems pp. 95-108

Khan A. DOOR: Distributed Object Oriented Software Restructuring Approach Using Neural Network pp. 109-126

Zubarev D.V., Sochenkov I.V. Cross-lingual similar document retrieval methods pp. 127-136

Avetisyan A.A., Drobyshevskiy M.D., Turdakov D.Yu. Methods for News Items Popularity Estimation on Early Stages pp. 137-144

Ryndin M.A., Turdakov D.Y. Domain adaptation by proactive labeling pp. 145-152

Bērziņš A.A. Usage of i-Vectors for Automated Determination of a Similarity Level between Languages pp. 153-164

Samonov A.V. Methods and Means for Automated Information Systems Development based on Ontology «Software and Hardware Complexes Quality Management» pp. 165-182

Ivashko E.E., Litovchenko V.S. Dynamic forecasting of the completion time of a computational experiment in a Desktop Grid pp. 183-190

Avdoshin S.М., Lazarenko A.В., Chichileva N.И., Naumov P.А., Klyucharev P.Г. Machine Learning Use Cases in Cybersecurity pp. 191-202

Andrianov P.S. Analysis of correct synchronization of operating system components pp. 203-232

Abramov S.A., Khmelnov D.E., Ryabenko A.A. Procedures to search for Laurent and regular solutions of linear ordinary differential equations with truncated power series coefficients pp. 233-248

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