Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of the RAS


KEDR is a framework for dynamic (runtime and post factum) analysis of Linux kernel modules, including device drivers, file system modules, etc. The components of KEDR operate on a kernel module chosen by the user. They can intercept the function calls made by the module and, based on that, detect memory leaks, simulate resource shortage in the system as well as other uncommon situations, save the information about the function calls to a kind of "trace" for future analysis by the user-space tools. KEDR can be used in the development of kernel modules (as a component of QA system) as well as when analyzing the kernel failures on a user's system (technical support). Certification systems and other automated verification systems for kernel-mode software can also benefit from it. KEDR is free software distributed under the GPL v2 license. Project page on Google Code.


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