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Noon - framework for semantic search and exploration of domain-specific information

Noon is an easily extensible framework for semantic search and exploration of domain-specific information. Noon provides following functionality:

  • semantic-powered search.
  • navigation and exploration.
  • recommendation.
  • automatic resource description.

In contrast to general-domain search engines that are based on keyword search, Noon allows to specify model of a specific domain and provides flexible tools for working with this model. In general, following concepts should be specified: (i) domain specific objects (ii) connections between these objects and (iii) external annotations for objects.

A user of Noon-based services could search for any domain specific object presented in a model. Results are ranked with the aid of semantic similarity, that make them high relevant to user’s query. As well, system allows user navigate through search results and refine original query with the aid of original facet-enhanced interface.

In addition, system gives opportunity to explore domains with the aid of automatic resource description and recommendation tools, based on semantic graphs of documents.

For instance, we used Noon technology for development of blogosphere exploration system Blognoon (http://blognoon.com). Blognoon model consists of two objects: blog and post in the blog. Post is a text. Each blog consists of many posts. Therefore we have one-to-many connection. In addition, Texterra is used as external annotator that provides meaning for each term in post and selects key terms.

Based on this model Blognoon provedes:

  • semantic search over posts (user can search for specific meaning of ambiguous words, document with synonyms of query could be found, ranking utilizes semantic similarity between document and query).
  • semantic search over blog.
  • dynamic facet navigation interface (recommendation of next query that is based on similarity to query and documents in result).
  • brief description of blog content that consists of keyword of blog.

Another application that was developed with Samsung is LocationNoon. LocationNoon a user-friendly service for exploring information about locations and events. It collects location/event data from different web resources and provides semantic meta-search over this information. It combines features of the *Noon framework for exploration of unstructured resources based on their semantics and web mapping technologies (Google maps). Main goal of the service is to solve problem of information overload by providing flexible way for searching and navigation over event/location information.


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