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SemaTESK (Semantics Testing Kit) is an automatic method for generation of test sets for a translator front end. It focuses on the validation and verification of static semantics checkers.

Most the know methods for semantics test generation produce test suites by filtering a pre-generated set of random texts in the target language. In contrast, SemaTESK allows to generate tests for context conditions directly. It significantly reduces generation time and allows reaching completeness criteria proposed in the method.

SemaTESK realizes UniTesK technology of the automated testing based on usage of specifications and models of the target system.

The proposed method to specify static semantics allows to formalize informal requirements described in normative documents (e.g. standard). The method includes SRL notation for compact formal specification of context conditions and STG tool for efficient generation of test suite from SRL specification.

At usage of STG toolkit, tests are created completely automatically on the basis of the description of context conditions in SRL. Given description of context conditions, STG allows producing tests of the following sorts:
• Sentences inhering to the target language;
• Sentences not inhering to the target language.

It allows checking that the static semantics checker under test accepts correct sentences of the target language, and that the checker rejects incorrect sentences.


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